Multideck Refrigerated Display Cabinet(FM-D)
Name:Multideck Refrigerated Display Cabinet(FM-D)
Place of Origin:China
Product Info:

Supermarket Fruits and Vegetables Open Commercial Retail Refrigerator

Designed for the display of fresh meat, dairy, drinks and beverages, the multideck chiller is an open fronted chilled cabinet that will enhance any product display!

The cabinet comes with 5 layers tilting shelves complete with price holders and edge stoppers. Glass side panels improve the product visibility along with internal LED lighting. The unit also comes with manual energy saving night blind fitted as standard.  
The FM-D low fronted multi-deck chiller can meet all your meat, dairy, drink and alcohol display. Extra large open fronted area, full glass sides and top and side mounted lights make this product special. 
  • Streamline design, beautiful and elegant appearance;
  • Height glass design, a thorough display of goods;
  • The large capacity design, making the store more food;
  • Perfect  design enables customers to pick up in the shopping convenient;
  • Increase the evaporator design, improve the efficiency of heat transfer. Cabinet cooling faster, at lower temperatures, while more energy efficient;
  • The use of advanced air duct structure, faster cooling, the cabinet temperature uniformity;
  • Thick insulation design, more energy, more power;
  • With night energy-saving cover specifically for the night and other non-business hours use. Further save energy, reduce the cost;
  • The refrigeration system and electrical control parts are brand-name products, to ensure the reliable running. 


Model Temperature  Power supply Dimension(W*D*H) Notes
FM-D-20F 2~8 degree 220~380 V/50HZ 2000*1000*2000mm  
FM-D-25F 2~8 degree 220~380 V/50HZ 2500*1000*2000mm  
FM-D-30F 2~8 degree 220~380 V/50HZ 3000*1000*2000mm  


For bigger supermarket,we can make longer model as you need.We can also make 4m,5m,6m,10m,15m etc.

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