Commercial curved glass fast food display counter
Name:Commercial curved glass fast food display counter
Place of Origin:China
Product Info:

Secop Compressor with R404a will keep this freezer work efficiently.

Using eco-friendly refrigerant.

Domestic famous Brand Copper pipe , will never get gas leak.

EBM fan motor, ensure the system run efficiently.LED light, save energy and brighter.

Plug in model requiring no extra installation.

High energy-saving can be achieved compare to conventional open units

Brilliant LED lighting system which enhances product display, drives sales and reduces maintenance

New synthetic interior casing for better hygiene and easy cleaning


Model Temperature  Power supply Dimension(W*D*H) Notes
SS-A-15F 2~10 degree 220~380 V/50HZ 1500*1150*1200mm  
SS-A-18F 2~10 degree 220~380 V/50HZ 1800*1150*1200mm  
SS-A-20F 2~10 degree 220~380 V/50HZ 2000*1150*1200mm  
SS-A-25F 2~10 degree 220~380 V/50HZ 2500*1150*1200mm  
SS-A-30F 2~10 degree 220~380 V/50HZ 3000*1150*1200mm  


For bigger supermarket,we can make longer model as you need.We can also make 4m,5m,6m,10m,15m etc.


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