cake showcase
Name:cake showcase
Place of Origin:China
Product Info:

By harmonizing curvature and rigidness, our modern style product designs are user-friendly while maintaining the highest product visibility and aesthetics.

The DD-A refrigerated bakery display case is designed with oversized and balanced environmentally friendly R134a / R404a refrigeration. Theses include large evaporators and condensers for faster cooling and balanced temperature throughout the cabinet.

Vertical tempered front glass and minimal frame provide full product visibility to optimize display effects. Its elegant contemporary euro design will not only enhance any store atmosphere but also will keep product presentation at its best and beautiful.

Model Temperature  Power supply Dimension(W*D*H) Notes
DD-A-12F 2~8 degree 220V/50HZ,120V/60HZ 1200*650*1180mm  
DD-A-15F 2~8 degree 220V/50HZ,120V/60HZ 1500*650*1180mm  
DD-A-18F 2~8 degree 220V/50HZ,120V/60HZ 1800*650*1180mm  
DD-A-20F 2~8 degree 220V/50HZ,120V/60HZ 2000*650*1180mm  
DD-A-24F 2~8 degree 220V/50HZ,120V/60HZ 2400*650*1180mm  



We can make longer model as you need.



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