cake showcase
Name:cake showcase
Place of Origin:China
Product Info:

Attractively present your fresh cake, cheese, sweets, and other refrigerated treats with our DD-B cruved glass refrigerated cake display case!

With a smooth, curved glass design, this refrigerated display case keeps contents sanitary while beautifully displaying them on an adjustable glass shelf. The tempered glass design is strong and fights damage. This refrigerated case will also help boost impulse sales, because once customers see your items illuminated by the top and shelf lights, they won't be able to resist!

For long-lasting durability, this case boasts a steel base construction with stainless steel top and base. And, when it's time for a thorough cleaning, the sliding rear doors, shelves, shelf lights, and shelf supports can be removed with ease. 

Model Temperature  Power supply Dimension(W*D*H) Notes
DD-B-10F 2~8 degree 220V/50HZ,120V/60HZ 1000*700*1200mm  
DD-B-12F 2~8 degree 220V/50HZ,120V/60HZ 1200*700*1200mm  
DD-B-15F 2~8 degree 220V/50HZ,120V/60HZ 1500*700*1200mm  
DD-B-18F 2~8 degree 220V/50HZ,120V/60HZ 1800*700*1200mm  



We can make longer model as you need.



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