What should I pay attention to when buying multideck cabinet
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Now open supermarket, convenience store, fruit shop, multideck cabinet is more common configuration. As a large commercial refrigerator, what do you need to pay attention to when buying multideck cabinet? Youkai refrigeration briefly explains several points from the perspective of the manufacturer.
First, the quality of multideck cabinet
No matter what kind of goods we buy, quality should be the first point we ask for. Buy multideck cabinet, quality mainly from the following aspects to constant.
First of all, the compressor is the heart of the multideck cabinet. The high-quality famous brand compressor has stable performance and good refrigeration effect, which can save a lot of after-sales maintenance problems.
Supermarket Fruits and Vegetables Open Commercial Retail Refrigerator(FM-A)
Secondly, the material of the multideck cabinet and the cabinet body should pay attention to the thickness of the board, especially the plate of the load-bearing parts. If the thickness is not up to the standard, it will affect the overall appearance of the cabinet. Polyurethane high-pressure foam is selected as thermal insulation material, so as to have good thermal insulation performance.
Thirdly, the production process of multideck cabinet adopts polyurethane high-pressure foam, the box is more stable, and the overall thermal insulation performance is guaranteed. If the process is not up to standard or other methods, it will cause air-conditioning leakage and make the compressor work continuously, which will not only damage the compressor, but also inevitably consume electricity, which will greatly increase the operation cost, and it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of yuan of electricity will be increased every year. Therefore, the production process is a very important link, which is also one of the important differences between professional refrigeration companies and small workshops.
Finally, the application of science and technology products. The microcomputer temperature controller can monitor the temperature in real time. When the set temperature is reached, the compressor will stop running automatically. If the temperature exceeds the set value, the compressor will start to work automatically, which will greatly reduce the working time of the compressor, save energy and reduce consumption.
Multideck Refrigerated Display Cabinet(FM-D)
Second, the price of multideck cabinet
Many consumers in the purchase of goods, the first thing to think of is to hope to buy a cheap price, the purchase of multideck cabinet is no exception. But as a refrigeration manufacturer, the quality of life is the most important. Youkai can only put quality first. On the premise of ensuring quality, it can reduce the cost of raw materials by purchasing a large number of raw materials and cooperating with suppliers for a long time. It can reduce the cost of management and marketing by reasonable management and advanced marketing mode (the factory directly delivers goods to consumers, without intermediate dealer link cost). It can also reduce the human input and personnel cost by adopting advanced manufacturing technology Cost, comprehensive factors, from the overall guarantee to the best quality as the premise, the most reasonable price to profit customer trust.
Multideck Refrigerated Display Cabinet(FM-C)
Third, style
The style and color of the multideck cabinet should conform to the decoration style of the store, and be integrated with the store. If a fashionable and modern storefront is decorated with a non matching style multideck cabinet, it will seriously affect the grade of the store and affect the shopping mood of customers.
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