How to do with the "pop" sound in the cake display carbinet
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How to deal with the "Pa, Pa" sound in the cake display cabinet that has been used for many years? Generally, when the compressor is powered on, the overload protector jumps frequently and makes a "Pa, Pa" sound. Why does this happen? In general, the reasons for the frequent beating of the overload protector of the cake display cabinet are as follows:
(1) Power supply voltage problem, too low power supply voltage will lead to cake cabinet overload protector frequent jump.
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(2) There is too much dust or dirt in the condenser of the cake display cabinet refrigeration system, which leads to poor heat dissipation, which will cause the high voltage to increase, resulting in the current increase of the compressor of the cake display cabinet, resulting in the action of the overload protector.
(3) There is a short circuit between turns in the motor winding of the compressor in the cake display cabinet.
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