What should we pay attention to when using island cabinet?
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After purchasing the island cabinet, users may feel that it is OK to plug in the power and use it directly. In fact, the normal use and maintenance of the island cabinet can increase the service life of the island cabinet. Here's how to use Youkai energy-saving island cabinet correctly:
First, after long-distance transportation, the island cabinet should not be in a hurry to power on and start up. It should be kept quiet for about 4 or 5 hours, which can increase the service life of the island cabinet.
Second, during the handling of the island cabinet, try to keep it horizontal and avoid large angle inclination, especially not falling and tumbling.
Third, when placing the island cabinet, choose a place with good ventilation conditions, and leave enough heat dissipation space around, so don't place it close to the wall. In order to save shop space, many people do not leave heat dissipation space for the island cabinet, which will cause all kinds of undesirable small problems in the island cabinet.
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Fourth, the island cabinet should be far away from the heat source, and the ambient temperature should not be overheated. The data show that when the ambient temperature reaches 32 ℃, the power consumption is about twice that of 25 ℃, and the power consumption of 30 ℃ is 1.6 ~ 1.8 times that of 25 ℃.
Fifth, the refrigerated and fresh-keeping items in the island cabinet should be placed neatly, not too full, and try to keep the air conditioner flowing smoothly in the island cabinet.
Sixth, when using the island cabinet, open the door as little as possible and reduce the opening time. On the one hand, it can reduce the loss of air conditioning and on the other hand, it can reduce the condensation in the cabinet.
Seventh, use the thermostat correctly. The higher the gear of the thermostat, the lower the temperature in the island cabinet. Similarly, due to the large temperature difference between inside and outside and the loss of cooling capacity, the startup time is very long or even does not stop; On the contrary, if the gear is low, the required refrigeration temperature may not be reached.
Eighth, generally, when the frost layer in the island cabinet is up to 5mm thick, it should be removed, otherwise the refrigeration effect will be seriously reduced, and even the compressor will be heated and burned out after running for a long time.
Ninth, regularly clean the dust and dirt in the cabinet so that the refrigeration components can dissipate heat normally.
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