How to choose the right commercial refrigerator
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For a supermarket,commercial refrigerator is essential equipment. A suitable supermarket freezer can not only improve the level of the supermarket, but also directly enrich the variety of products in the supermarket, and bring stable customers and real profits for businesses. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right supermarket freezer. The following Youkai refrigeration from the perspective of manufacturers to analyze the purchase of supermarket freezers need to pay attention to what issues.
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First, the supermarket freezer products with different functions should be selected according to the needs of different products. For example, some products need to be refrigerated, while others need to be frozen. According to different needs, choose the right supermarket freezer products. For example, vegetables and fruits need to keep fresh, so you can choose multi-layer refrigerated display cabinet. The cabinet adopts microcomputer chip to realize automatic temperature control, energy saving, power saving and intelligence saving, which can ensure the fresh-keeping requirements of vegetables or fruits. For cooked food products, it is necessary to have a special Deli cabinet, which is beautiful and elegant, and can keep the cooked food fresh; while the cold fresh meat just needs the fresh meat cabinet with the function of freezing and refrigeration, because the fresh meat requires higher temperature, the special fresh meat cabinet can keep the low temperature and ensure that the fresh meat does not deteriorate.
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Second, according to the different refrigeration methods to choose the appropriate supermarket freezer products. There are generally three refrigeration methods, direct cooling, air cooling and both. Among them, the direct cooling freezer is more power-saving, the price is cheaper than air-cooled, good preservation and heat preservation function, and large effective volume, but it has disadvantages: the temperature is not easy to be uniform, and needs frequent defrosting, which is not convenient to use; the air-cooled freezer has fast cooling speed, which can quickly achieve the effect of refrigeration and preservation, can automatically defrost, and has higher relative power consumption, so it has great advantages in general Third, due to the consideration of both, this kind of freezer is generally less, and the use of two refrigeration methods at the same time will consume more power and cause the system is not stable in a single system, which is generally only used in special occasions.
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Third, buy supermarket freezer products, quality is the most important, because the operation time is relatively long, if the quality is not up to standard, the use will also be a headache. There are many aspects that affect the quality, such as the heart compressor of supermarket freezer. Relatively speaking, the stability and durability of imported compressor are much better than that of domestic compressor; the material and workmanship of the product are also very important. For the refrigerator produced by small workshop, although the price is much cheaper, the workmanship and materials can not meet the requirements, resulting in insufficient air tightness when using the refrigerator, resulting in air leakage The power consumption will be amazing. Therefore, it is necessary to select the regular products with energy saving and low consumption produced by regular manufacturers.
Fourth, according to the decoration of the store, choose the style of suitable decoration style, so that the overall store can coordinate and complement each other.
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