Matters needing attention in use and maintenance of cake cabinet
Source: 16:08:22
1. In the process of handling and using the cake cabinet, try to keep the cabinet upright all the time and avoid large angle posture such as tilt, especially not allowed to fall and roll. Because if the compressor is inverted, the compressor oil inside will flow backward in the pipeline, causing damage to the compressor and unable to run.
2. After the cake cabinet is transported and unloaded, do not power on immediately. During the transportation of the compressor, the refrigerant will circulate in the pipeline, which is unstable. Generally, the compressor can be powered on again 3 to 6 hours after transportation, unloading and placing, so as to ensure the stable operation of the cake cabinet and increase the service life.
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3. When placing the cake cabinet, pay attention to the good ventilation around, and the ambient temperature should not exceed 35 ℃. In use, do not frequently switch on and off the cake cabinet, frequent start-up will affect the service life of the cake cabinet compressor. After general shutdown, wait for more than 5 minutes before restarting.
4. When the cupboard is used in daily life, try to reduce the number of times of opening the door. When opening the door, increase the time of storing and storing food to prevent the loss of air conditioning.
5. If the cake cabinet is not used for a long time, the power supply should be removed and the inside and outside of the cake cabinet should be cleaned. Generally, the cabinet should be kept dry and then the cabinet door should be closed. For the cake cabinet in use, the radiator needs to be cleaned regularly. It can be cleaned up every three months or so. Because the radiator will absorb dust, dust will affect the cooling effect of the compressor, clean it with a brush, the operation is very simple, pay attention to remove the power supply when cleaning.
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