How to clean the cake cabinet correctly
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After buying the cake cabinet, you should also pay attention to cleaning and maintenance when using it, especially the internal dust cleaning, which can not only save electricity, but also extend the service life of the compressor. The following is a brief introduction to the cleaning and maintenance knowledge of the cake cabinet.
1、 Cake cabinet surface cleaning is very simple, with dry cloth or wet cloth scrub clean, and ordinary product equipment cleaning no difference. For the door seal, it is a sanitary dead corner, so it is necessary to clean up the dirt in time to prevent the aging of the seal after a long time, which will affect the sealing performance and lead to the leakage of air conditioner.
2、 For the interior of the cabinet, the following aspects should be paid attention to
In the first step, before cleaning, disconnect the power supply of the cake cabinet, and then proceed to the next step.
cake cabinet
The second step is to clean the condenser and the surrounding dust. The condenser of the cupboard and its surroundings should be cleaned every few months. There will be a lot of dust on it. After opening the protective cover, the dust on the condenser can be blown out with strong wind, and then cleaned with a suction device, brush or dry cloth.
The third step is to clean the dust on the surface of the compressor with a dry cloth, which can be cleaned with a dry cloth or brush.
The fourth step is to clean the stainless steel drain to remove the garbage on the surface.
3、 Other precautions for cleaning cake cabinet
It is forbidden to clean the cupboard with corrosive liquid to prevent damage to the cupboard and its internal parts.
In a word, the parts that can be removed inside can be taken out and cleaned with water. After washing, they need to be wiped dry and can not be filled with water. Do not use wet cloth for internal cleaning to avoid short circuit of circuit. In particular, it is forbidden to wash the interior with water.
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